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The seller of loader accessories talks about the difference between dust ring and dust oil seal

2022-03-09 11:59:17

Do friends who have driven XCMG loaders know the difference between dust ring and dust seal? Now let's talk about the difference between dust-proof ring and dust-proof oil seal.
The dust-proof protection provided by an ordinary oil seal is far from enough, and the capacity is very limited. In particular, when this protection is needed, the end face seal is used. The difference between the dust seal and the dust ring is that there is no difference between them, but the names are different. In fact, the performance of them is similar, and they all play the role of dust prevention. However, in a certain environment, a simple oil seal can also provide satisfactory protection. For example, when used to seal butter, as long as the external environmental conditions are relatively dry, the butter film under the sealing lip can provide an effective barrier against dust intrusion. If the environment is humid, only two oil seals or sealing rings installed against the back and filled with grease at the gap between them can provide similar protection. Measures should be taken to inject butter regularly by installing an oil fitting here.


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Of course, if only one oil seal is used to seal the grease, the sealing performance is basically the same regardless of the assembly direction of the oil seal. When sealing the oil, if the installation direction of the oil seal is incorrect, it will usually reduce the sealing effect and produce oil leakage, but in a certain environment, oil leakage may also be an advantage, which can wash away the dust outside the oil seal.
We XCMG loader parts sellers will share the above differences between dust ring and dust seal. We XCMG loader parts sellers will share more knowledge about loader parts for you.

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