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Xuzhou Tangren material supply and marketing company (Xuzhou Tangren construction machinery company) was established in 1996. Its main business includes: XCMG roller parts, XCMG loader parts, XCMG grader parts, XCMG paver parts, DEUTZ engine, 912, 913, 1013, Shangchai 135, D6114 diesel engine parts, modification, maintenance, power and technical consulting; Leasing of road roller, loader, grader, road mixer, paver, excavator, generator set and other road construction machinery. Our business covers the northeast, North China and coastal open cities, integrating the distribution and leasing of construction machinery. We sincerely welcome enterprises, institutions and individuals to our company for interview or telephone inquiry about relevant business. We will win your satisfaction with our considerate service!

The company sells XCMG grader accessories gr165 PY165. GR180. PY180. GR185. PY185. Gr215 motor grader accessories, Hangzhou gear transmission accessories, motor grader blade (blade) blade plate screw angle positioner, reversing mirror, hydraulic transmission assembly transmission shaft. Front axle Rear axle housing Steering linkage Ball joint seat Ball joint differential assembly Axle shaft Balance box Brake Brake wheel cylinder Brake shoes Brake disc Tires Wheel axle, double row chain axle Double row sprocket Brake drum, balance box, bearing, steering wheel Fill valve Silencer, exhaust pipe. Fan blade, steering gear, front sprocket, rear sprocket, pin shaft, spring, rim, spline sleeve, planetary carrier, seat, cab glass, worm gear. Scarifier, support, bulldozer, grader chain, gear selector, disc gear, driving bevel gear, driving ring and driven ring.

The company sells XCMG roller accessories throughout the year: roller frame, steering hinge, rear frame, vibration theory. Vibrating shaft, diesel engine device, radiator and supporting water pipe, clutch assembly, gearbox and parts, gearbox driving shaft, gearbox transmission shaft, gearbox reverse axle, gearbox differential mechanism, gearbox output shaft, drive shaft, tire, rim, transfer case, transmission shaft, hand brake, foot brake system, speed regulation and flameout control mechanism, clutch control mechanism, transmission operation, gearbox reverse control mechanism, steering system, Steering control, steering oil cylinder, vibration system, hydraulic vibration system, console welding, toolbox and seat, instrument box and instrument, electrical system accessories, engine hood and oil tank, left and right wheel covers, cab and accessories, etc.

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