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  • Speed potentiometer

    Features and uses: The resistance body of the potentiometer has two fixed ends, which can change the position of the moving contact on the...
    Speed potentiometer
  • 47×116auniversal coupling

    Features and uses: The function of the universal joint is to make the included angles at both ends of the transmission shaft equal, so as to...
    47×116auniversal coupling
  • 500K Longma combined switch

    Features and uses: Function of combined switch: combined switch is a multifunctional combined switch used to control lighting and light signal...
    500K Longma combined switch

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Xuzhou Tangren material supply and marketing company is a machinery manufacturer specializing in Paver accessories, roller accessories, grader accessories, loader accessories, milling machine accessories, Shangchai engine accessories, huaichai engine accessories, DEUTZ engine accessories and whole machine sales, second-hand engineering machinery equipment and road construction. It is one of the superior machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. It has rich experience in machinery R & D and manufacturing. It is a manufacturer of engineering machinery accessories A company integrating whole machine sales, leasing, pavement construction and maintenance.


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