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How to choose XCMG loader accessories?

2022-03-25 05:36:20

Want better loader accessories and loader accessories? What should we pay attention to when choosing all our payments? Let's take a look at XCMG loader accessories. We will introduce some selection principles to you, which will help you.
1. Mode selection: mainly based on the selection and determination of operation and use. And soft soil foundation, mining, second-hand crawler loader work.
2. Power option: diesel engine is generally used for the operation of construction machinery and special areas. For example, where the altitude is more than 3000 meters, special plateau diesel engine shall be used.

Loader accessories

3. Driver type selection: generally, hydro mechanical transmission is selected. The key component selected is the form of hydraulic torque converter. Loaders made in China are used for dual turbocharged, single-phase fluid hydraulic torque converters.
4. When selecting the loader stone, the braking performance of the loader shall also be fully considered, including braking, multi parking braking and emergency braking. There are three types of brake shoes: caliper disc type and wet pad type. The brake transmission mechanism generally uses the force adding device, and its power source includes compressed air, air top oil and hydraulic type. At present, the common is the air top oil braking system, which generally adopts the double circuit braking system.

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